søndag den 20. januar 2013

Return of the king Jedi

Here I am. Back again. Once again; procrastinating. I wish I had discipline enough.

Anyway. I am here again, hoping for a better commitment to the blog. Reading another, gave me sudden interest in blogging again. But then again. What could I possibly have on my mind that would both be worth reading for a large audience? Who am I blogging for? The answer should come easy, myself. That anyone should be interested in my blog isn't for me to decide. Why am I blogging? That is a bit harder to answer. To remember or to share stuff that I want to get off my chest? That would seem right since the blog should be for me. But if you're here and you like it; feel free to... subscribe?

So to relieve you I'll here be listing stuff about myself so you could decide if this blog might be something worth reading:
I like films.
Among my favourites are: Star Wars, Oldboy, Unbreakable, Hero, anything I've seen by Hayao Miyazaki, Planet of the Apes (all seven), LoTR trilogy, Harry Potter (not 7 part 1 though), all Alien films and the film we can't talk about: Fight Club. And of course this is only a short list. I have many more and wouldn't be able to list all of them, since it would take too long.

I enjoy reading. Not only books but also news articles and various other things like blogs, short stories or non-fiction.
I love physics.
TV series. Oh Doctor Who, how I enjoy thee.
The internet. I am, what I loosely call, a son of the internet. This might seem strange but by this I mean that I make references to things from the internet, I somewhat know what is going on, on the internet and that I use the internet to more than just blogging, reading, chatting and watching/listen to things on youtube.

Also I am a huge geek and nerd.
And I love to know. Knowledge is my drive in the pursue of more knowledge.

Funny how this blog is for myself and I just used the above to tell about me for others to read.

Anyway there you have it. Have a good one person :D

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